tuneup parts? bringing a slant back from the dead

not sure if this is the right section, but i think it is

so i need a starter relay for my '66 Valiant, with a 170. Napa wants 18 bucks. this website somebody on here directed to, www.rockauto.com, wants $9.23, but shipping is like 7 bucks per warehouse. so i figured that since things are much cheaper on this site, i should just go ahead and compile a list of everything i'll want to replace to get this car purring. so far i've got:

-ignition coil
-dist. cap
-dist. rotor
-starter relay
-coil resistor

all of this is coming out to under $60 shipped.

in addition i've already replaced:
-ignition switch
-spark plug wires

what else should i add to the list?
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