TTI Header Fitment Issues

Now that my engine is in and the trans lines have been rerouted I am focusing on getting the headers installed. TTI instructions say engine should sit 5 1/4" from middle of balancer to top of k-frame; mine sits about 5". TTI also says engine should sit 2 1/2" offset to the passenger's side, mine sits 3" offset.

If I use no shims the driver's side slip tube lays on the torsion bar and headers hit the steering linkage. If I place a 3/8" shim under passenger's side mount and 1/4" shim under driver's side mount everything clears well but engine then sits 5 1/2" high instead of the 5 1/4" high. I believe I need to elong the motor mount bracket hole and move the engine back 1/4" along with reducing shim thickness to get it all to clear and have the correct height.

I do believe the problem is my k-frame is sloppy from the factory causing the engine to not be placed correctly in the chassis. Anyone else have these issues?

Here is quote from the TTI FAQ:

" What can I do if my headers are hitting the steering box, steering linkage, torsion bar, etc...?
The headers are designed to fit the chassis with the engines located to the factory dimensions. However, all K-members are not the same, the location of the engine mount pads on the K-member are not consistent and the fore and aft location and the width between the mounts differ. Because of these variations it is often necessary to place shims between the K-member and the insulator assembly to shift the engine from side to side or to raise the engine up to meet the required factory placement dimensions. If the engine sets to far forward on the K-member there could be interference with the idler arm or pitman arm of the steering linkage. This problem can be resolved by slotting the mounting holes in the steel mount attached to the engine and moving the engine back in the chassis. 1/4” will normally solve the problem. Due to the limited space in the engine compartment, it is imperative that the engine be setting in the correct location for the headers to clear all chassis components. "
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