Track Time on My B/Day

Hey all ! I took the Duster to the track for my B/Day. 1st time back to the Track after the frt U joint failure/ Trans Case Replacement. It wasnt all pretty today either. I have a used 360 Motor which seemed to run strong last time, but this time it was "popping" in the Headders. I made 2 passes, (Knowing it wasnt right) grabbed a timing light and found allmost 50 degrees of timing and the timing mark bouncing about 20 degrees +/- So the Timing Chain is done. Any Suggestions of chain makers so to speak? I'll have to rip mine aprt to see what's there now. Sometime next week I hope. Was still fun to be at the track.

The Video:

You're hearing the Open Headders of the 440 Duster, not my car :toothy10:

I got 50+ pounds of mufflers/exhaust to lose though :-)

RD 1 R/T .232 RD 2 R/T .481
60' 2.038 1.956
330' 5.997 5.685
1/8 9.598 8.819
mph 66.32 77.15
1000 12.79 11.60
1/4 15.658 14.025

Round 1 was a shake down run (havent run it since trans repl) , Round 2 I realized the 'car was not right" n didnt push it past 6000

Found the Timing Chain Problem n Just put it on the trailer :angry7:

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