tow rig questions?

ok, i stuck deciding on what truck i want to use as my tow rig. i picked up a 97 ram 1500 extended cab in pretty decent shape with the 5.9/auto 2wd. I also picked up a 95 ram 2500 v10 4x4 auto. now i know the v10 would tow easier but im afraid of issues with the trans, its developing a shudder goin into od and i know the trac bar needs to be replaced and a wheel bearing. the 95 was a work truck and looks it. The 1500 has bout 130k and the 2500 reads 205k but supposedly was rebuilt 4 years ago but not sure how much i belive that. all i'll be likely towing is normal weight (under 4.5k) cars on rare occasions and my trailer prob weighs close to 3k its a 18ft all steel dovetail trailer. and which ever truck i decide to use as tow rig the other will be the donor for the duster. so whats your guys opinions?
Author: admin