Tough Times

it seems like a lot of us are facing tough times right now. job or lack thereof, family troubles, acts of god, what have you. i though i would start this post so that everyone who is going through something might speak up and talk about it, that way we will know that we are not alone in dealing with problems and/or bad luck and maybe get some perspective on our problems that we didn't see before. I'll start....

....last summer my wife got pregnant. this was good news, everything was fine then one day she started feeling real bad, went on for about a week until she went to the doctor, then was immediately admitted to the hospital, and two days later our son was born in an emergency delivery, three months premature. he was 1lb 10oz at birth. he stayed in the hospital for 3 1/2 months, had two major surgeries and almost died once before we finally brought him home. he's happy and healthy now but our marriage is not. two weeks ago she moved out back to her parents and took him with her. not sure if the relationship can be saved or if i can fix anything about myself to save it. so now we (I) am heavily in debt, living alone, working a crappy job for not enough money, and missing my wife and son something terrible. i know its not the end of the world but it sure feels like it sometimes. tried so hard to do the right thing and be a good father to my boy but now i'm missing the important milestones and it makes me feel like a complete failure as a human being.

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