to get it done?

so i am changing a 2bbl to a 4bbl performer intake and holley carb on my dart. now when i took everything apart there were 3 intake bolts that were shorter than the rest, are they crappy replacement by the previous owner? if not where do they go? and if not should i go to a junk yard and pull 3 orig. or can i get them from a dealer?

secondly, i need some type of spacer or gasket in between the carb and intake correct? where do i get that from? also this carb is a 70's holley carb, it didnt come with any bolts that connect the carb to the intake, where do i get those?

thirdly, what do i tourqe the intake bolts to?

fourth, the very short hose toward the front of the intake....should i get a new fitting for that or can i take the old one off and reuse it?

thanks alot....Im just new to this whole domestic thing! i have been into vw's for so long and this is such a change. once i get some of the basics down and establish some connections in all this ill be much better off. im a newby, but i love workin on cars so bear with me.
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