What is the biggest tire I can get away with on the front of my Dart with out modding or cutting anything? and what backspace on the rim do I need to achieve this? I talked to a guy that said a 235 was to big, here lies my problem, I have been looking at what rims n tires to go with on my car, I would really really like to go with 215/60R15's up front and 255/70R15's in back, but my dad for 1 is funding my wheels and tires to make up a difference between some pricing situations we have-(private junk) but for 2 dad has suggested that I go with the same size wheels and tires all the way around which is smart, it'll save me money on tires as I can just rotate them yet I cant cut anything on my car as I am not skilled enough to make the cuts look original so I will end up with a tiny tire in the rear of the dart which is something that I sincerely do not want. what should I do? anything below 235 is to small for a rear tire in my opinion especially on my car its not what I like, nothing personal!

my original plan was to lift the hell out of the rear and go with 275/60R15's! but theres just to much I'd have to do for it to be right!

What should I do?

Also what rim will fit with out any mods, I.E. width and backspacing,I was looking at 15"X10" with a back space of 4.5" but I was told that i'd need spring locators, what can I get away with with out having to mess with any thing?

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