timing way over my head…

ok.. need some help here. I have been researching and reading and getting more and more confused. Here is my situation.. I got my first 383 installed and running.. I would call it running, not great but running.

Its a pretty standard 383 not sure of the internals.. maybe a mild cam. All new pertronix distributor, wires, coil and plugs. Also a new holley 750 with vacuum secondaries and choke. This will be a 95% street car but would like to set it up to get all the power availiable.

I need help setting the timing and then fine tuning the carb. I am slightly confused with all this talk of "over all timing.. mechanical timing and vacuum advance timing.." blah blah blah.

I assume I set my initial timing around 16 degrees by disconnecting and pluging the vacuum advance. Then once that is set....... help?

My distributor also comes with extra mechanical advance springs and limiters. I have attached the chart. I am unsure which of these would best suit my application as well. Or do these not apply since I have a vacuum advance distributor..

Anyway.. any help would be great.

Thanks Bryan

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