Timing/ Tuning a ’73 318

I need help!

I am working on a '73 dart swinger with the factory 318.
The car overheated a while back and has had the head gaskets replaced by me just recently. After completing the work it's just not quite running right. I have had the car for several years and I feel I have never had it quite tuned correctly. I think the problem is timing. I am currently running 9 degrees advanced and the car runs ok off idle, and ok at idle when warm, but bogs and will die when the throttle is punched and released from idle. It is also VERY hard to start now. Before the work I was running about 5 degrees advanced, and it ran ok, but never what I would call really well.
It my not be timing please give me any suggestions. Also the car has an Edelbrock performer carb and manifold and brand new plugs and wires.

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