timing or carb issue?

i have 73 duster 360 mild cam, i have my timing set at 34* at 2800 rpms, sometimes it idles real high when i start it about 2300 rpms,it is edlebrock 600 cfm electric choke, i can get it to idle down if i flip up lever on choke by the dial knob on electric choke side, i set my idle at 1000 rpms that about as high as i can go without it ramming into gear, at 1000 rpm idle when i stop at stop sign and in gear it will either die out sometimes or it will lunge like it is choking itself out and rpms will go up and down from 1000 rpms to about 4 or 2 hundred and sometimes die out, do i have choke or carb problem or is my timing to much? thanks
Author: admin