Time for some carb tuning

#1, I don't know what I'm doing. I'll just throw that out there and start with that.

I feel that there is much more to be had with my engine, and I want to start with the carbs. So far things are running pretty well - starts up pretty easily whether hot or cold (if you know right where to hold the throttle), idles well, makes decent power, and the furthest I've gone with carb tuning so far has been sync-ing up the idle mixtures with vacuum gauges for most vacuum (which wasn't much - around 8 in Hg or so). This is a 10.5:1 solid roller 440, 262@.050" .575, with 84cc RPM heads, tunnel ram with 2x Holley 4160 600 cfm vac secondary carbs and a manual only 727. While I know there are better carbs for the set up out there, this is what I'm going with right now because it's what I have on hand. With the exception of the idle mixtures, everything is out of the box. I don't even know what size jets I have.

But I was thinking about ordering up a set of jets, accelerator pump cams, and vac secondary springs (2x everything) to start trying some different combinations. Anyone think this is worth my while with this set-up? I'm at 3000 ft elevation where I live also. And this winter, I'm going to degree the cam since I don't know EXACTLY where it's at, and at further advice when the time comes, try a couple degrees of cam advance.

Any thoughts?
Author: Rocker