Holy crap, this storm must be sitting right on top of my house. I'm seeing lightning in the front & backyard at the same time and hearing the thunder as soon as I see the flash. It's so bad that I can't see my neighbor's house behind me, about 100 feet from my back door.

My dog is totally freaked out, she was hiding behind my chair in the den, when the last big boom went off she came flying out of there and jumped up on my lap. She's not a big dog, but not a small dog either. So I had my laptop of my lap, along with the dog who was trying to climb into my shirt. I threw her off, she went into the bathroom and tried to hide behind the toilet. Then I went out for a smoke, she followed me out into the garage and tried to hide under the workbench (can't fit), then poked her head into the bottom of my tool box (can't fit), then went over and tried to hide in the corner. Then another big boom, she jumped up and ran in circles. I feel really bad for her but it's pretty damn funny at the same time. I've got the TV's cranked up so she won't hear the thunder but it's so damn loud and constant I can't drown it out.

Crazy... the weather has been nuts this summer, it's kinda like Florida weather. Gets hot, rains in the afternoon then gets hot again.

That's it, just wanted to ramble for a few minutes. 8)
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