This thing is finally at a reasonable price

This is not my car but it's been advertised all over the place. It's located in Graham, WA not too far from me. My buddy was trying to seel a '41 Ford and this guy wanted to trade this car for it. He talked a long time to the guy about it. The guy took a really long time to admit that the car is a clone. He had been advertising it as "one of a kind!". Even then he didn't want to say clone, he wanted to call it a tribute car. Not to take away from the car but he was asking way too much. Now it's finally down to a good starting point.
Note: This guy also has a very high dollar street rod that he told my buddy he built...until my buddy saw it and realized it was a car he had tried to buy three weeks before. He called him on it and it embarrassed the hell out of the guy. Moral here is don't trust this seller to tell you the truth on anything!
Author: admin