This can’t be right! Z bar alignment

So I finally got the pedals in Tara's dart and hooked everything up. The z bar isn't parallel to the fire wall, it's level but it sits farther back on the engine side. It was a total pain to put the z bar in and required lots of leverage. I do have the half shells in. The angles are not right for the bar that goes from the z bar to the clutch fork. I can use the pedal to engage the clutch but it does not return to the stop. In the pics I did not move the break pedal I used it for reference. The pic of it all the way out is where the stop is and the other pic is where it returns to. I had two sets of pedals and two z bars that I got from two different people and they both claimed that they were v8. They are the same. The car was orignaly a /6. I don't have the fender bracket on the car yet, is the hole that is in the inner fenderwell for placement of the bracket? Does anyone have any ideas?

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