Thinking of selling my ’68 cuda, what can I get for it?

Hey guys, due to some recent events in my life I've been thinking it might be best for me to sell my cuda, and I'm just wondering what it would sell for? I've attached a pic of it down below...

Here's a little intel about the car... It's a '68 Notchback from Arizona. I have the original title for it. It was originally a slant 6 car. The K-member has been changed over to a v8 K-member. It's been upgraded to front disc brakes, and has BB torsion bars on it. The uni-body has been braced into a full frame. It's got a 440 in it with modified B-body manifolds. It's resting on Schumacher mounts and is backed by a rebuilt 727 tranny. It's got bucket seats and a floor shifter with a 150mph speedo and a built in tach.

Now for the bad... I was restoring this car from scratch and never got around to tying up all the loose ends. The car doesn't have a carpet in it, and is missing the lower half of the back seat.

Being from arizona, the body is in good shape for the age. The entire car is rust free and the under-carriage is immaculate. It does have a couple of little dings on the driver's side front fender and door though, which you'll be able to see in the pic.

The pic is about 6 months old as I'm out of state at the moment and only have old pics of it with me. So how much do you think I could sell it for guys? Any input is appreciated. :cheers:

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