Hey guys,

its getting close for me to do my engine and tranny and one of the last things i need is a carburetor...I have been thinking of goin with a vs carb, and im really attracted to the idea of a dad had one tuned real well on his old aspen 340 and he used to get awesome mileage staying out of the secondaries and great power when he got in them...he has a truck thermoquad sitting at home and i was thinking of sending it out to demonsizzler to have him do the street/strip build to it...its a little expensive for me right now, and i wanted to know your opinions on whether or not its worth it or if i just grab a vs holley and rebuild that or just rebuild the thermoquad myself (although i know parts are hard to find)...I also hear that the plastic peice in the body can get too hot and warp, so that has me a little worried as well..demonsizzler looks like he does great work so id be interested to hear anybodys experience with his carbs, especially track wise...just as a little filler info my setup is a 340 with forged internals, .30 overbore with 10.5:1 cr, rpm air gap intake, comp 280 duration 480 lift cam, headers, ported x heads and a 5 speed with 3.91 gears...interested to hear what you guys have to say
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