Thermoquad ?’s for the experts

looking to move away from holleys and just picked up a 6321 t-quad, last night i was checking it out closely, removing casting burrs, ect.. and have a few questions, I noticed on the fuel transfer tubes that are just under the secondar air valves that one tube on the DS has 4 holes, 2 big and 2 smaller holes and the pass side has just 3 holes, 2 big and one slightly smaller is this correct ? Also on my pump well about 3/4's of it looks smooth and fine but about a 1/4 of it towards the front of the carb is just slightly not as smooth with 3 very small pits, is this going to be ok, if not what can i do? Lastly the back of the bowl top is warped by about .008 on the outer egde by the two far bolts will the gasket seal it up or can i use a flat plate with 1000 grit to get it a bit more even. Thanks for any input.
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