The wife’s lil’ ole 65 Dart

Well I have my projects, so my wife decided that she wanted her own. Some of you may remember this car. Boosted here on the forums had it. I bought it off of him for my wife. The deal is she does most of the work with my help here and there. I will do the mechanic side of it. Boosted had planned on building a turbocharged 440 car out of it, but I have to make it more driver friendly. My wife wants to be able to drive this car regularly. So I found a 93' Dakota with a 5.2 auto 2wd to use as a donor. I will be using the motor, trans, steering rack, and what ever else I can manage to use. Well enough with the typing I know most of you are like me and would rather see pics so here you go...

The Dart!

The donor Dak!

The wife gettin busy:-D "hey this should be in the Hot Babes with Mopars"

Boy look at that horrible fender. I know that the body filler had to be atleast 1/2" thick in some places.

Think I can fix it? I think maybe...

The front all taken apart.

Time for stripping of the old paint.

The bad in the engine bay. Easy fix though.

We got a new toy in the shop. A set of pinstriping brushes, and paint. I've been going nut's with it. I have been painting everything trying to learn how to do pinstripping. This is the splash guard on the passenger side. I cleaned it up and secretly painted it after the wifey said NO PAINTING ON MY CAR!:twisted:

That's it for now. I will have more pics by this weekend. We are trying to have the engine bay in paint by then.
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