The story of my moose hunt.

Now that I am getting back to normal, I will take the time to tell the story.
Opening morning I was in the tree stand at 5:30am. It gets light here at about 6:50 am. I sat there for a few minutes to let things calm down after making the trip into the stand. I started hearing crunching from off to my right and then the obvious noises a moose makes when it walks. It was moving parallel to me and was soon gone. I could not see it as it was still dark. I sat there a few more minutes and tried to call it back. No dice, it wasn't going to come. About 2 hours later I heard a deer blow in the same direction that the moose had gone. I figured the deer was blowing at the moose and climbed out of the stand to go hunt him on the ground. I caught up to it at last but to late. I only saw it's ass end going in the woods. I went back to the stand to spend the rest of the day. At about 4 pm I watched a bear cross the area I was hunting and that was it for the day.
My brother-in-law and friend shot a cow moose in the mid afternoon and that suppied the excitement for day one.
Day 2 started at 4 am. I was in the tree at 5:30 am again and just waiting for daylight. I could hear a moose in the woods about 150 yards in front of me and I tried my best to call it out. After about an hour the ground fog started to lift and I could see 2 moose standing in the opening to my left. They were a very long way away but I could see them and I took aim at one. I was kneeling in the stand and using the railing as a rest. I fired and saw the moose hunch up. It moved a couple of steps and was out of site. I radio'd my buddy and told him it would take me a half hour to get over to where the moose had been and that he should stay put. I got over to the spot and found a blood trail, followed it and had to double back after losing it. Just as I got back to the last spot of blood I heard a loud crack over my right shoulder. I looked and there was the moose standing 25 yards from me. I fired again and it was all over. I radio'd my buddy again and he came around and picked me up. It took the rest of the day to get it out, register it, skin it and get it to the butcher. After that was when the party started. By midnight, I had consumed copious amouts of beer and was wandering around behind the little animals. LOL

Here is a pic from my stand. The moose was in the little clearing in the center background of the photo. My stand is 75 feet up a huge spruce tree and the shot was 414 yards by GPS.


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