That damn 340 duster!

Funny story. My father-in-law and I were out of town today picking up a 5th wheel camper that he had purchased a couple of months ago. We had the intentions of bolting on an adapter from the 5th wheel to the king pin in order to pull it with his short bed cummins. Anyway the metal around the king pin was too thin to drill and tap so we had to have it welded. We were a couple of hours from home so we called around to find a welding shop who could do it. We found someone and pulled off the king pin assy. and went to his shop. As soon as I walked in I noticed a Vega with a BBC and a big weiland blower sticking out of the hood. We started talking about cars and he told me he was a big street racer back in the early 70's and him and his buddys had camaros and one guy had a 396 car. I told him that I am building a big block pro-street duster and he started laughing. All he could say was "That Damn 340 Duster". He told me a story about a guy that would show up while street racing with a 340 Duster and spank everyone, even the big block camaro. He asked me what makes those cars so fast. I just said "it's a mopar".
By the way, for a Chevy guy he was a pretty good welder.
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