Thanks Fabo!

The GTS is weeks from being back on the road after decades of collecting dust. I just wanted to extend my thanks to all of you at FABO for all the help. I originally bought this to keep my mind occupied when I found out my Mom had terminal cancer. She passed away three months after I bought it. I couldn’t have pulled off the rebuild without you folks answering all my dumb questions. Its bee 20 years since I owned a mopar and have forgotten most of the little I knew. It was a trying time for me and keeping busy instead of dwelling on a terrible time has kept me sane. This site is the best auto enthusiast site I’ve been a part of and its because of the members. I’m a member of a land cruiser site and when you post a question more often than not the answer you get is “search”. FABO not only helped me get one more cool mopar onto the black top but provided me with a much needed escape for those times I couldn’t be with her and was stuck 800 miles away and after she passed away. You never know how all the little thins you do effect other people.
Thanks FABO
Burn out video soon I promise

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