ok lets see where to start 340,40 over 195 psi cyc pressure ,port an bowl work to x heads port match intake ,284-528 528 purple cam 34*total timing ,holley750 72 jets primary 80 jets sec 38 squirter's, msd , plugs gap 45, 391gears posi 904trany 2500 stall trans built buy pro 30 yr mopar trany guy ,it wont spin the tire,s in low gear 185/70/14 . it still a little on the lean side plug reading, but 72 was the largest jet i had at this time ,more on order . driving down the road normal i have a serge.(power valve maybe)oh yeah i do run the good fuel in it 110 .... my thought it should light the tire,s up in 1st with out any problem old 6cyc leafs in rear 6cyc bars in frt an 90/10 shocks .it runs good but not what i expected or im i expecting to much. all in a 68 post car dart need some fuel for thought .......no track time sorry .... it leaves good no tire spin no bog pulls hard through the gears . my thought this car with 185/70/14 should have major hooking problems .s/s springs on the way. it will run better or it will get tore apart an try something diff
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