Tell me what you guys and gals think!

I have had my 1979 chrysler 300 for sale for most of years dropped price down some asking 4500.00 for it. Have it on style and been on ebay and craiglist no nibbles at all. Check it out see if you guys think I am asking to much or maybe it just isnt worth what I am asking. Only thing needs to finsih is a air cleaner and install door panesl back on which are laying in back seat. I start and drive it every so ofter but honestly just to have any time to mess with and hate it setting in garage taking space all the time. Usually if i go somewhere its in my 03 dakota. Open to opionions. Also I have mentioned before I have more parts than I now what to do with for magnums and dobas and will sell parts cheap if any boddy needs something I might have it give me a shout.
Author: Barrydoba