Suspension, Air Cleaner & Misc.

Mopar A-Body Parts for Sale:Click on the links for Pictures

Shipping would originate from Boise, Idaho 83709

Would Happily Take More Pictures…. And email them too you.

Lower Control Arms $50.00

Lower Control Arms With Sway Bar Tabs $75.00

Large Bolt Pattern Disc Brake Spindles $50.00

Large Bolt Pattern Stock Caliper Brackets plus hardware $25.00

Large Bolt Pattern Disc Brake Shields plus hardware $25.00

‘73-’76 New Both Sides Inner/Outer Bearings and Races with Seals $30.00

Small Block Power Steering Pump with Pulley and Bracket $85.00

’73 340 Single Snorkel Air Cleaner Lid and Base $85.00

340-360 E-Body Motor Mounts $30.00

’67 A-Body Drum Brake Purporting Valve $15.00

New Moog Lower Control Arm Rubber Bump Stops $18.00

New Moog Upper Control Arm Rubber Bump Stops $18.00

New Moog Idler Arm, I ordered this for a ’67 and this is what showed up. I don’t know what its for other than its probably for a ’73-’76 A-body… $45.00

NOS 5 1/2 inch Headlight Retainer with MOPAR Box $15.00
“Box is Tattered”
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