Suspended from Moparts

Well it was about time that I experienced firsthand how one gets suspended from Moparts after hearing about their "allegedly" Gestapo-like tactics/heavy hands. I finally tried to participate (almost two years after signing up) in one of the forums (Street Rodder). I posted a couple of pics of my '35 Ply coupe which is in "project mode" and mentioned that when people see it, they say that "it is going to make a nice rat rod". I mentioned (in my post) that I like rat rods alot but this was not the direction I was going in with my car and pointed out a sticker on the window ... which got me suspended. Yes, it did have the "F" word in it but it was all in fun and fits the car in the stage that it is in. In case you are wondering, the window sticker read, " It's not a f'ing rat rod ... it's just not finished."

So, I recived a PM from one of the Mods who chastised me, gave me a slap on the hand and said,

"You can't possibly think that posting the "rat rod" sign pic was appropriate, can you?

Your account is being suspended for a week, pending receipt of this PM. Do anything like that again, and it'll be permanent."

So, now I know how it feels and ... I'm ok with it. Golly-gee, what am I going to do without a week of Moparts. Let's see, we're at the cabin for the next four days and then I am in Chicago for the following two days. It's that last damn day that is going to be trying. :bootysha::thebirdm::bootysha:
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