Super Bird Clone questions future project

Hello all,

Next summer I plan to start a new project, a super bird clone. I’m not new to restoring a car, I started a 1984 El Camino restoration project in 1996 and finished in 2003 (money constraints) but end result, a show room quality car and 350HP of fun. I also took auto body classes at night to learn how to properly do the work myself at a local Vocational school while going to high school. Here’s a you tube video of my restoration (missing lots of pictures)

I also did a 84 S-10 Project. Stuffed a 400 Small block in there and used it as a daily driver for about a year (boy that was fast!). Also helped a few friends on a few restorations, 68 Firebird, 69 El Camino to name a few.

That was a long time ago, I’ve missed working on a car project ever sense. I can’t hold out any longer I need a new project to get back the joy I once had of a project like this. All my gear head friends moved away and I’ve been itching for years to get my hands dirty and work on something.

So I decided to search for my new “dream” car project. My guide lines on my search, Had to be manual and had to be a big block. Two things I don’t experience in my El Camino. I decided on a Dodge for two reasons. One, you don’t see Dodges at car shows as much (at least the ones I take my El Camino too which is about 12 different places). Two the sound! The unique sound of a 440 demands respect! The 1970 Super bird can’t compare to any other car choice out there, sure there’s lots of cars I could see myself driving, Cuda, Super bee, Dart etc.. But nothing holds up to the Super bird!

So I started doing my research and quickly realized that a real super bird is way out of my price range. Depressed I decided on a 1970 Roadrunner, just finished getting my affairs in order to start saving for my project and discovered Super bird clones. My excitement renewed I started surfing for hours trying to find out everything that I could.

Next month I’ll start heavily banking funds here on out for my new project next summer. Which isn’t a problem for me; once I start something I’m dedicated. That and I don’t want to be slowed down so much this time on my project.

Factors on my abilities play a big part on what project I can do. I’m still conducting my research to see if I can pull this off. Bolting on fenders, wiring, body prep, undercoating, engine, rear, suspension, axle replacement no problem. Welding, cutting or working with internal parts of an engine or trans I have a problem. I’m book smart in some areas but would prefer the comfort of a knowable person for swapping out a cam as an example.

Have a pretty decent tool selection including air tools; don’t have a welder or cutting torch outside of that I pretty much should have everything one would expect. I may take a three week welding class depending on the quality of the shell of the donor car I use for the project.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself give you guys an idea of my abilities, both strengths and weaknesses and your opinion on the difficulty of a project like this. Hard work and time isn’t a factor for me, it’s all fun. Only concern I have is how much I can’t do which means paying someone else to do it, which I want to avoid as much as possible.

I have a lot of questions, I was hoping to run into someone who has experience working on a project like this and this place looks like a great start.

Clone Shell Car options:
1970 Dodge Satellite
1970 Road Runner

The best base choice would be a Satellite, lower cost to purchase and I’d rather avoid hacking up a Roadrunner out of respect.

So here we have a 1970 Dodge Satellite (example)

My first question is, where do I get the scopes on the fenders? (example)
Research: No fender found with these on it, did find a site that sells fender scoops that mount with a steel, bolt-through tab mount underneath, priced per pair $175. Not bad.

Now the super bird front end. I’ve seen the nose in all different forms, fiberglass, steal and aluminum. But I’ve yet to find a complete nose (a kit) with everything I’d need for the conversion, such as the highlight bezels, motors etc. Does such a thing exist and what’s the price?

From research I found one person stating “The nose requires Dodge Coronet front fenders.” Is this accurate? He continued with “They also need to be modified in front of the wheel, to match the new valance.” In what way? Also “ Need a Coronet hood, which needs an addition to the front edge.” Again in what way.

Right now I’m focused on the front end. What do I need, what do I use, How do I do it, what needs modified, what’s the modification for, how’s it work and why. For me the Front end is the hard part. It’s really my only concern; from there I can fly on the auto body and interior work, and the addition of the wing. I don’t plan on the window plug so that won’t be a concern either.

I look forward to hearing from you guys, pretty excited about the upcoming project and the learning experience. I plan to documents the entire thing and make a How to guide that I can donate at the end.

Author: Bradster