As many of you know Cudagirl had a contest to give her 67 Barracuda ragtop a name.I came up with a handfull of names.The first name that I came up with was Sunfish.Well at the end of the contest Nella and her father Geof really liked the name Sunfish.So now Nellas Barracuda is nameless no more.Sunfish is the cars new name.
I picked the name Sunfish because it is a convertible and the top should always be down when the SUN is out ,and well a Barracuda is a FISH.So that is how I came up with SUNFISH.I have really enjoyed helping Nella find a name for her car.Nella and I have atleast two of the same interests Mopars and the love of animals.I have learned Nella has a Sunny personality and a big heart. Nella,Geof,Wendy,Ian and the whole family just all seem to have a big heart and are all around great people.
Well as Nella promised me I did get my prize today.Well it was not just a prize but a whole prize package for the whole family.First we got two Dart GTS tee shirts.One for me and one for my wife Sharon.You will be happy to know we did not have either of these shirts hanging in our closet.I also got several vintage sickers.Hurst,Gabriel,Kendall Oil,Valvoline,HiJackers,SW just to name a few.The stickers are cool and sure go with my 68 GTS perfect.Also a Johnny Lightning Mopar 10 pack of 1/64 cars for my wife Sharon since she does not have a Mopar of her own yet.Very cool set of cars.Nella of course couldn't leave out our pets Buster,Butch,and Cally.She put some goodies in the prize package as well for all of them.
Well I am sorry Guys and Girls but I don't have a camera so I can't post any pics of the prize package.
I would just like to Thank Cudagirl,Cosgig and the whole family.I had fun and felt I made some new friends.It would be a joy to meet Nella and the whole family some day.MI is not to far away from IL so I will keep my fingers crossed.
Thanks Again,Jim
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