Street machine converter – 3,500rpm stall?

Thinking about combos. Anyone using a 3,500rpm stall converter on the street? How is drivability? Lunati makes this cam that looks pretty aggressive for a hydraulic. Their info states 3,500 stall needed. My thought is that it might be a little too much for regular cruising but obvioulsy fun when you mash the loud pedal and probably good for 11's on the track if your car is set up properly. Clearly mileage is of no concern for a hot street machine but will drivability be horrible or livable? I guess that's always the trade off.

Let's just say for argument it's a 3,300lb car with a full interior, 9-10" DOT tires, 450hp-@-the-flywheel small block, 4.10 gears, manual valve 904 and Cal Tracs.

Any input is appreciated.
Author: admin