Stock or Not?

I was going to post this in the Fuel and Air Systems but thought it was more of a general question. Anyway, last night our car club went to a Senior Citizen Housing complex to show the residents our cars and I was talking to one of the a-body guys in our club. We were looking at my car and I was telling him about my carb problems, the conversation went on for a while and in the end he suggested that I just change out the carb. Not that my car is a perfect stock restoration numbers matching and all that jazz, but I tell him that I just want to keep the "stock" carb on the car, and he informs me that my carb was not stock for that year.

So here is my question, with the help of Burntorange70 and others in another post I figured out that I have a Carter AVS-4937S, so were these the stock carbs for a manual transmission / 340 cu. in. / Swinger in 1969? The difference he say is in the air feul mixture screws, he said on the '69's it should only have one (1) screw not the two that I have on mine?

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