Stock 65 Valiant Slant Six engine bay pictures?

I know it's not a muscle car or even a V8 powered Mopar but does anyone have any restored, or original engine bay shots of the 65 Dart or Valiant with the 225 engine just so I can see how everything should look under the hood of my 65 Valiant. I'm pretty sure most everything is there under the hood of my 65 but the air cleaner which I'm working on. But I like keeping everything wired and routed how it was original. I don't see many 65 Darts or Valiants online at all especially kept stock. My is as plain as it can get. 225, heater, automatic, non-a/c, no power steering, manual drum, radio delete 4-door. That's how it came and that's how I want to return it to. It should be fairly reliable once I get it going again since there's not much to go wrong on it.
Author: admin