Stall on highway….thoughts?

Running to work yesterday AM, 70MPH, car hiccups like it died. At this speed the rear end is noisy, so car cannot be heard. No Tach.... So I clutch in, clutch out, and it starts, but surges and chugs. Uh OH. 1/4 tank of fuel. It chugs and evens out, as I get off the highway. It wants RPMs to run. I pull into parking lot, and it idles smooth and happy. I give it a couple minutes, and head to work, hassle free.

On the way home (same night). Highway, 3/4 way home, same thing, but it won't come out of it, end up at scary point on highway, barely got out of flow of traffic. I let it sit for a second, I cool off, and hope off. I pull air cleaner, and check acc pump, and I have fuel. I get back in, it fires up, idles fine, and I get off highway, and cruise home.

Since I got it the car has a trail of "goo" under the ignition box. It appears the car or box got hot at some point, and the "goo" melted a bit. I wonder if it is getting hot? It showed NOTHING of this during the hot summer months, but maybe the module is toast. Once it has its fit, it runs fine....?
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