Srt-68 Barracuda

Well, here I go again. This will prove to the world that I'm addicted to A-Bodies. My previous build, a '72 Dart, turned out pretty well. This should be even more of a hoot.

As with the Dart, I am starting out with a COMPLETELY rust-free car. No hits, no dings, no errors. This car is fabulous, and I'm glad I found it--been looking for a while. As with the Dart, I'm starting out with a donor--a total loss 2007 SRT8 Magnum. They shall become one. I can't wait to see this thing sitting next to the Dart. I will be doing the same color schemes and custom stuff inside and out. As with the Dart, this Barracuda is nothing special--318 car with the light group. That's about it. Plain-janer getting the work-over. Stand clear.

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