Southern Alberta Top Gun

If anyone is looking for a top gun engine builder, mechanic, fabricator in the Calgary area I have just the guy for you. He’s a gifted guy who has a bunch of tickets like mechanic, a bunch of welding tickets, millwright to name a few. He spent many years on the racing circuit and has built two engines for me. He did a 350 for my Dads 70 GMC truck which was a great motor. He also built a 298 for my wife’s 76 Bronco which we sold because she was afraid of it when he was done I loved it as it went like hell. He has done many mopar engines as well. He can tig, mig stick and fabricate just about anything. He has a very well equipped home fabrication shop. He’s just moved on to a civil service job and will be ready for some side work in his shop around June. I’ve known him for years now and wouldn’t recommend if I didn’t trust him. You can contact him @ his name is Ken BRENNAN. He’s done some neat engines like mazda wankel engines that were pushing 1,000 Hp.

Cheers and hope he can help someone out

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