S.O.S. I need some help here….

so heres my situation.

i got the dart 98% of the way back together, missing only putting the hood and front bumper on and adjusting the body panels correctly.

am trying to bring the engine back to life, but I have to get the distributor positioned correctly.

how do I do this all by myself?

I have a timing light, not exactly sure what to do with it though, my brother has done most of the electrical tuning of my motor for me, so i am really rather in the dark as to what to do.

and i want to get it going sooner rather than later if i can.

i have thus far managed to make itback fire. but that is not very helpful.

how do i bypass the key turning process so that I can attempt to start the car without sitting in the driver seat? that would make distributor adjustments easier... and if the timing light helps, how can i see what it does if i am in the inside of the car?

*bangs head against the table*

I just want to make her go vroom vroom again.

360, 4 barrel, 904 : 68 dart vaccum advance, non points.
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