Snow Day Prank

This morning our schools are closed due to snow... but the prankster in me... I talked my eldest boy, Greg into putting his winter coat on, over his PJ"s, running into the younger one's, Luke room. His script was, "Hey! Mom and dad overslept, the clock didn't go off!! Hurry up!! The bus will be here any minute!" :poke:
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:shock: Blurry eyed and confused, he jumped out of bed, but could not understand why Mom and Dad were in his room and who has the flash camera?
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He buried himself back under the covers and is still there. I told him he could go out and play in the snow after breakfast... do dice. He's hibernating!!Attachment 58488
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"You'rea badddd mommy!", he said!!:blob6:

<< I'm Still Giggling>>> :thumblef::blob:

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