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Hi All,

Apologies if this question has been asked before...

What is the difference between early LA engines (318/360) and Magnum engines (360)...???

Are parts interchangeable between the two?

I've got a '76 Duster with a 318 and I've stumbled upon a 360 Magnum which I wouldnt mind rebuilding and slotting into the Duster. Only catch is I have already purchased a fair amount of new parts to build the 318 like:

Electronic Ignition (Dizzy)
Water Pump
Pistons and Rings - 40 over
Melling Oil Pump
Felpro Gasket Set
Dual Plane Alluminium Intake
Cam, Rod and Main Bearings
Cam and Lifters ( I know these arent interchangeable)
and more parts...

If I could get any advice on which path I should take, what the differences are and what parts I can use for the Magnum that would be great!

Thanks again for assistance...

Pana from Down Under
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