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I am looking to get rid of all of my Slant Six parts. Need the room to work on my swap to a 360 in the car. All parts are from a 1973 Duster, original 225 Slant 6 car, with power steering and Air Conditioning. California car will all emissions parts. Only slant related parts are for sale, no body/interior/suspension pieces, so please do not ask.
Any and all prices are negotiable, I have no idea what the actual market prices are for these pieces, so I've been looking at what new ones cost and the condition of the parts I have to determine price. So please, make offers and ask questions if you have any. If you don't see what you need, please ask, and I'll go try to get pictures asap.
Parts located in Colton, CA zip code 92324.
Slant 6 Radiator for air conditioning (no leaks when I had it in the car, looks like some small repairs.) = $85
Slant 6 Fan Shroud, no cracks. = $50 (buy with radiator = $120 total)
Single Barrel intake = $25
904 automatic transmission for Slant Six (shifted great, bone stock, never opened up by me) = $150 ($170 with converter)
Power steering pump (Federal style, was new in January, engine blew in february so not much use on it) = $20
Stock Air cleaner Assembly = $10
Stock Radiator Fan = $10
Stock Spool Type engine mounts (rubber in good condition, not torn up, held engine nicely) = $15 for the pair
Air Conditioning Blower motor (worked great the one time I used it in 2005, have all other A/C parts stored away) = $35
Slant 6 Engine (block, head, internals, AT LEAST ONE BROKEN CONNECTING ROD, have not opened up engine to find out what all was wrong with it, but it had a serious rod knock when last run. NEEDS REBUILD. Will part out down to a short block.) = $90 in current state.
Also have various brackets and pulleys, ask if you are looking for something.
Any and all parts left over at the end of November will be trashed.

Thank you very much for the ad.

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