Sixth sense

I'm not religous or anything but how many of you believe in a sixth sense? All afternoon Saturday March 21 I found myself thinking about my Brother a lot. Stuff that I hadn't thought of in 30 years or more. Not anything real important but just older Brother guidance stuff. Well Saturday afternoon my older Brother passed away with a massive heart attack. No warning and all was over at the age of 55. Although he never actually owned one but he loved old mopars and could tell you the ins and outs of any A or B body for as long as you wanted to listen.

When another older Brother of mine turned 18 years old, he took him car hunting and came back with a beautiful hemi orange with white top 69 charger. I remember my Father's expression when he finally learned that the charger had somehow transformed from a 4 door /6 valiant that they were supposed to be picking up, to the charger sitting in the driveway before him. Being a good Father he expressed particular concern of the 150 mph odometer. To make a long story short my second oldest Brother was able to convince the old man that he was responsible enough to own this car. It was the only 69 charger in our small town and I still hear the occasional story of the hemi orange charger.

Ironically both Brothers have now passed away and both with massive heart attacks. They were good Fathers, husbands and excellent older Brothers.

Rest in Peace Robin, died June 8 2004 at 48 years old and Mark (Skip) March 21 at the age of 55.
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