Show Your Stuff

Hey I am asking for a little help. In the short time I have been a member I have seen some great cars and great people. Starting from cars that start as basket cases to show condition cars. Stock cars to drag racing A bodies with great ETs. My son and his friends(teenagers) like my car ( 72 Dart ) and have seen the effort I have done to get it where it is. I tell them I am the small part of a large iceberg with all of you here. They love the A Bodies and ask if any of you would take the time to put you A bodies on YouTube. They are interested in what we have and do. They want our A bodies over the rice burners every other teenager gets. If any of you have the time, put some of your great vehicles in any stage of work for these kids on YouTube. Here is an opportuntiy to continue our great tradition and keep it going. Especially when they ASK!! Here is a candle, let's not blow it out.
Author: admin