Should i get or stay away? (ALOT of pics)

Ok so i am looking for a running and driving v8 Duster to cure my V8 needs and i found a 74 or 75 not real sure of year (Built in March 1974). But i went and looked at it and took alot of pics to get an opinion from other people that know more about value than I do. It has AC and a Folding rear seat (never seen this before). I found a few pretty bad rust spots and got pictures of them but couldnt get into the truck to see. I called the owner and he said they was $2500 for it which i know its not worth that so i was going to offer $2000 for it. But here are the pics so let me know what yall think a better price would be or is that good? Forgot to mention it also has the seats in it but missing front carpet and has the Matching numbers 318ci engine not sure of transmission or rear-end on it. And has all the glass with no cracks.

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