Should I be nervous?

I'm about to get into rebuilding the front end in my '70 Duster and needless to say I'm kind of nervous about it. This is my biggest "repair" I've ever done and I'm worried I'll do something wrong, or it'll take forever/be a PITA, or I'll have to spend an arm and a leg for specialized tools every 5 minutes. I rented a front-end service kit from Checker for three days (just a bunch of pullers for tie-rod ends and such), but other than that it's a socket set, breaker bar, and other hand tools. There isn't really any rust anywhere under the car (thank GOD!) and I've already gotten the brake disc/caliper assembly off, I'm just hesitant to proceed. Will I be able to have this done by Saturday morning, or should I prepare to have my mom drop me off at work for a couple days into my work week? BTW I have a Polygraphite + sway bar kit from PST.

EDIT: I also wanted to ask, what's the order I should take things apart? The FSM isn't specific on that.
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