Shortblock help

Engines out and apart,thinking of doing something new.Currently

340 .040 over
318 steel crank
stock polished rods
speed pro flat tops at deck
j heads 2.02 1.80 63c.c ported flow 270 @.500 lift
comp cam .477 intake .470 exhuast solid lift,duration 246 at .050 108 centerline
and the six pack

Looking at a stroker,problem i have is in the heads now that i will need a larger cam,they go into reversion at .510 lift.

Talking w/Hughes he recommends this
or hydraulic:

Now my question is will this work?I know strokers require more cam but i
dont want to get into reversion problems.What happens with a smaller cam
combo like a .508?Or another combination?If not a stroker would you change
anything with the current combo?Lots of knowledge here,lets here your guys
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