Scamp front end conversion

Well, I have a 1973 Duster, and was considering selling it to get an earlier year, or if this one had too much work to do....but I found a possible donor car on craigslist. It is a scamp for 200$, no anything really just shell and frame. Does it require much work? I mean does it need any welding of brackets or anything? This front end is complete, minus the grille...
SO IF ANYONE HAS A GRILLE PM if I decided to buy this.

So my questions ---
*How hard is the conversion?
*Would that scamp be worth 200$? I would swap the front end and sell the rest of the parts. (he has a 73 hood that would come with it, it has good bench, and other interior parts, good glass, cluster)
*What grille would be compatible with this front end? (I know 70-72 scamp/(dart right?) But what about something like a 69 valiant grille?)
Thanks in advance, Tim.
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