Scam alert

BEWARE There is someone that goes by the name of Martin Jones on the internet who is posing as a seller of 71 Cuda Vert that he does not own. On this particular occasion he found a car that was recently posted on eBay copied the pictures and passed them off as his car. When he gave up the VIN to us we found that the car was not his. Here is his email to us....................................
and thank you for your interest.

I want to tell you that the car is as new,has 42.000 miles; never been smoked in. It was used by my brother for less time as he could not enjoy it very much as 7 month ago he died from a heavy disease.
The car has no scratches, no damage on it, it is running perfect, it has a clear title which you will receive a copy after the payment is confirmed.
I want to sell it asap because I sold his house and this brings bad memories for me (as I don`t have anyone else left in US). I sell the car for $4600 in the memory of my brother. I can tell you that my brother was very setisfied of the car. After my brother death the car was moved from US to Cardiff, UK as I am from here.
Shipping will be done from Cardiff and will take no more then 3-4 days. I will pay all shipping and handeling to your address (I work in the army here and I have some connections, so the fees are very low for me). I don't have the possibility to return in US and meet all the potential buyers. Due this situation I've decided to use the Escrow Services of MoneyBookers.
The car is (already sealed in a cargo container along with all documents) in a warehouse near Cardiff and ready to be delivered.

So if you are interested please email me with your full name and your full shipping address so I can register you as buyer at MoneyBookers and they will send you soon the invoice along with all details.

Kind Regards,
Martin Jones"

His email is
Author: kudakoda