So here's the deal. I have always wanted a big block Duster. Ever since I bought my first /6 Duster back in the early 90's, my plan was to transplant a 400/727, or even a 440/727 into an A-Body. Now, I have a few options, and right now...more time than money. It gives me lots of time to second guess some of the decisions I have made.

Here are the options. I have a 1970 /6 Duster that has a 340/727 in it right now. I also have a 1968 /6 Dart 2dr post that has no motor in it at all. I also have two buildable big blocks, one 400, and one 440. I have 1 727 short shaft trans. My original plan was to put the 400, stroked to 451CID, into the Duster, and transplant the 340 drivetrain to the Dart. Now, I am thinking of putting the 400, built mild, in the Dart with a good rear, and maybe an AOD trans. Then build the hell out of the 440 an put it in the Duster with a stout 6sp manual. That leaves me with a good 340 to put in something down the road.

This is what I hate about having more time than money. If it were the other way around, I would just worry that my decisions were not for the better, and still have some sort of issue to mess me up :D

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