SB engine parts

MP Purple Shaft .450"/.455" cam (no lifters)- 45.00

Moroso valve covers (were originally gold anodized, but have been stripped and painted Hemi-Orange)- 20.00

Carter AVS 4 bbl. carb. (removed from '69 340, needs complete rebuild)- 20.00

Carter Thermoquad 4 bbl. carb. (removed from '79 318, in running condition, but probably should be rebuilt)- 20.00

Cloyes single roller timing set (new but out of box)- 10.00

Stainless flex fan- 15.00

Double groove crank pulley/ single groove water pump pulley set- 20.00

360 harmonic balancer- 20.00

Email or send a PM here. I can email any pics. that you'd like. Thanks.
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