SB 360 parts, crank KB pistons and rods, cam, oil pan

I have 7 .030 360 KB 190 piston and rods, the rods have been resized with ARP bolts. 8th piston and rod got damaged from hyd lock during a start up, these 7 are in good shape with only a short run time.. maybe 45 min run

$225 for all 7 plus S&H

I also have a 360 STD cast crank 70 plus S&H. great shape

I also have 8 NEW 340 melling OEM replacement intake valves still in box 2.02 $10 each pluss s&h.

stock mid 70s 318 2brrl intake all cleaned, $15 plus s&h.

360 truck pan all clean $20 plus s&h

NEW sb hyd Cam $65
Adv. Duration: .298°/298°
Dur. @ .050'': 248°/248°
Lift: .508''/.508''
Centerline: 108°
Basic RPM: 2800-6200 RPM
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