Santa Cruz 67 Dart GT

As quoted from ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER (Yes I have that! and Certi-Card with Original owners info) My Dad gave me this car as a Non-Op Project.

67 Dart GT V8 2-Door Hardtop
-273 CU. IN. Four Barrel
-Dart Rallye Package Includes:
.HD Rear Springs & HD Torsion Bars
.Sway Bar
.Red Streak Tires
.Wide Rim WHeels
.Front Disc [11" 4-piston Kelsey-Hayes & 10.5 Drum]
-4spd. (A833 Close-Ratio 10"Clutch 23spl.) [Inland Reverse LOCK-out]
-Music Master Radio [8 Track Player]
-Power Steering
-Cleaner AIR Package
-Tinted Windshield
-Remote Drivers Mirror
[-8.75 Sure-Grip 3.91]
-D70X14 Red Streak Tires ["Roulette Wheel" Hub-Caps]

$3,452.90 (Window)
Westlake Dodge
Daly City California

-600CFM Holley
-Intake Porting
-Head Flow Intake & Exhaust Gasketed
-Heads Milled (11.0:1 approx)
-.030 Overbore
-Eagle I-Beam Rods
-2" Dual Exhaust
-Set of 6 Rallye Wheels
-225 60 R14 BFG T/A Fronts (Set of 4 Wheels)
-245 60 R15 Goodyear Eagle GT Rears (Unidirectional)
-Energy Suspension Black Poly Bushings
-Bilstien Front Shocks

I live around Santa Cruz, 23yrs.
Have Had the Dart for about 4-5 Years when my Dad (Owner for 20 years)
Gave me the car for Woking on all his other Projects over the years.. It didn't run and he had to Take off.

I was 19 Fresh outa High school and worked @ Kragen Auto.

The car didnt run. And Hadn't for about 10-12 years near as we could Figure.. It had a Slipped Wrist Pin that Gouged cylinder wall #5 (Sleeved it) and a destroyed piston and Generally CLAPPED OUT Factory 273 Commando 4Speed. We Hauled it. (Bearings Cam & Timing) And the Brakes. (took A WHILE... to get the Calipers) Painted it. Slapped on the Original Carter AFB 550cfm Carb. Shimmed up a new Clutch. Bolted it in and fired it up. RAN! Shitty... Sat. Alternator. Plugs. Wires. Coil. Ran Better.

Moved to Tahoe for a Winter instead

Came back and stared working @ Alpha Machine Co. in Capitola.
Insured it!!! 1st step.
Ordered a new Gas Tank. Distributor.
Fabbed up a new Accelerator Pump and ran it! Advanced.. Ran it
Advanced... RAN IT. Points Closed up Ran shitty. Parked it.

Screwed with it. Ran it

Sent the battery into the old Flex fan and Eploded it! Sat in vinegar.

Quit Drinking

Bought a Holley and some Points. New Squirter. ADVANCED some More!!

Now the Car Effing RAN WELL! and Handled suprisingly quickly as well. I loved ripping through corners sideways for sections at a time..

Spun a Rod-Bearing!!! Saw about 6500+ on a few occasions maybe almost a quart low at times.


She has no Drivetrain or Suspension attatched anymore (K-member gone too)

I bought:
5 Wirewheels and Plenty (Hopefully) of sandpaper for the grinders
Some Paint stripper and Gunk degreaser.
A pack of Grinding stones
Some Paint
- Rustoleum Professional Bare metal primer
- Black Semi-Gloss (Suspension)
- Engine Temp Silver (Engine Bay)
- Cast Iron Silver (Master Cylinder, Starter, Water Pump)

Looking for:
-Mopar Engine Orange (Or Blue?)
-Valve Cover Wrinkle Black (Last kind was shitty)
-Durable Undercoating for Chassis & Wheel wells
-Radiator for under $400? Help!
-Front Floor Pans
-Front Windshield
-Drivers Headlight Bezel (67 GT silver & black)
SCCA Racing & Autocross info on 67 Dart GT 273 Commando:
-Headers Cam & Intake Combo
-Side Dump Exhaust Set-Up (Mufflers? 2.5?)
-Rear Front-Rear Anti-Sway Combo
-New Shocks (Q1As? or what?)
-Shock Settings
-Alignment Settings
-Front Lip (60degrees?) with Brake Ducting & Radiator Scoop (Fabricating from Scratch?)
-Front and Rear Monte Carlo Bars (Fab from Scratch?)
-Possible Rear disc Conversion? Worth it or not?

Stay Focused
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