Same problem as always. Cooling in the oil.

Ok people, let's figure this out.

A few weeks back I had coolant leaking into the oil and combustion chamber and wound up twisting a rod and destroying a piston. The engine was torn down, a sleeve was put into one cylinder, the rod and piston were replaced.

I ran it for a little while after the motor went back in, but not hard. It got up to operating temperature, between 160 and 180, then I checked the oil and it was nice and clean. I took it out in the street and did a decent burnout, then put it up on the trailer.

This weekend at the track I started up the car, ran it for about 10 minutes (driving around slowly). It heated up very fast, got to 190, 200, 210... then started heading to 230 - 250. So I shut it down and had a look. The radiator cap wasn't hot so I popped it off and found that the level of coolant had dropped 6-8 inches. I checked the dipstick and found that the oil was completely white. Coolant was leaking into the oil again.

After the last disaster with coolant in the oil the only thing I had in the cooling system was pure water.

So I opened up the drain plug on the oil pan, a good quart of clear water came out, then the milky oil started coming out. I drained it completely, pulled the intake off and saw that it looked like it was leaking around the cooling passage on the front driver's side. I cleaned it all up, put new intake gaskets on with a lot of RTV around the ports and put the intake back on. I waited until absolutely nothing was coming out of the oil pan, then put in fresh oil and a new filter. Started it up again, turned on the water pump and ran it for 10 seconds or so. Shut it down and checked the oil once more... white again. My buddy said that there was water coming out of the driver's side exhaust while the car was running as well. When we pulled the intake off, the two middle bolts on the driver's side were wet but none of the others were. I pulled out the front plugs on either side and both were bone dry.

These heads have been milled quite a bit and the intake is unknown, I bought it used. When the motor was put together we used the thin Mopar heads gaskets.

I filled up the radiator and let it sit overnight. The next morning the radiator had dropped down a couple of inches but not as much as the previous day.

Somebody suggested that the intake may have been milled, and the angle is wrong towards the bottom and isn't sealing. Somebody else told me that the block is cracked, and yet another guy said the heads were probably cracked.

What does this sound like? Should I just pull the motor out and beat the living crap out of it with a sledgehammer? Cuz that's pretty much what I feel like doing. It wasn't knocking, it started up without a problem although it cranked a little slow from the battery being weak but it didn't make any odd noises. And once it was running it seemed to be running ok aside from the water coming out of the exhaust.
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