Sad to learn I’ve bitten by another bad deal from a member

Yeah, it's bitchin time again, but I'll keep it simple.

As lots of you know I bought a lot of parts for my now EX Sedan project from members on here.I hate to say it but not all those parts turned out to be what they were supposed to be.

This past week I finally opened the box containing the SBP brakes and 8.75 axles I got from someone on here maybe a year ago. I didn't closely inspect everything......which I should have.......but I like to think people are honest, and what I'm getting is what I think I'm getting.

The person who purchased these same brakes and axles just sent me a PM. Everything arrived in good shape. turns out the brakes don't match.

I suppose just like I didn't calculate the weight for shipment correctly and I lost my butt on this deal, it's my fault for not checking the parts when they arrived. But I didn't need them right then. So I didn't.....just like a lot of you have bought stuff and not looked at it.

I don't know why I'm lucky enough to get a screwing from some of the members here (including the lieing sack I got the Duster from) but I've had WAY more of that kind of luck than I think any one person deserves.

Nothing good will come of this. I just needed to vent about another fabulous deal from another fabulous member.
Author: admin